Fill someone in 이걸 미국 원어민처럼 쓰기 원한다면 보세요! (ft.100% 미국 원어민 선생님 설명)

Fill someone in 알고도 막상 쓰려고 하면 어떻게 써야 하는지. 언제 써야 하는지 고민해 본 적 있으세요?
일단 미국 원어민 선생님의 깔끔한 영어 설명 듣고, 계속 연습하다 보면 뜻뿐만 아니라 fill someone in 어느새 영어로 설명하고 사용하는 본인의 모습에 깜짝 놀라는 걸 경험하실 겁니다!

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Has there been a time when you felt like everyone knew something that you didn’t know? Perhaps you weren’t able to attend a meeting at work or a family video chat. If you ended up feeling like there were things you didn’t know, maybe it’s because someone did not fill you in on all the details or what was happening. Let’s take a look at the expression fill someone in. I’ll explain it and give some examples of how it would be used. Before I explain the expression, some background information might be helpful. Fill someone in sounds a lot like fill in, but they mean different things. Let’s first take a look at what fill in means and some examples of how it is used. Fill in can mean three different things. It can mean to complete a form or other document with needed information. For example: Please fill in the questionnaire and return it to the front desk. Fill in can mean to put material in a hole or empty space. An example would be: He needs to fill in the hole with dirt. Fill in can also mean to cover an area with color or shapes. For example: Be sure to fill in your rainbow with all the colors. Now we’re ready to move on to the expression fill someone in. To fill someone in means to tell them something they don’t know, especially something that might have happened when the person was not around, like a missed meeting or a family video chat. You are providing them with additional facts, details, or information. Now for some examples of how you might hear this expression used. Please fill me in on what happened at the meeting since I wasn’t there. She needs to fill him in on the details of the party. Will they be mad when the children fill them in about the accident? Now that you know what fill someone in means, is there a situation where you think you need to fill someone in? Maybe someone in your family, a friend, or someone at your work? If there is a situation where you need to fill someone in, who needs to be filled in and what is the situation? Leave your example in the comment section below. We want to know how this expression applies in your life. If you liked this video, please hit the thumbs up, leave a comment, and subscribe. Learn English naturally and speak it with confidence! Thank you for watching!

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